Lights are the first thing you reach for when you enter a room.
We help you find the perfect solutions to create inviting indoor or outdoor environments for your comfort.

For example, daylight sensors, that can automatically adjust shades and lights to create the perfect look, and occupancy sensors that turn on lights when you enter a room and turn off when you leave the room.

There are even systems to store personalized scenes for multiple lights or completely tailor the lighting scheme in any room to suit your needs − all at just the press of a button. The accent is on ease and convenience. Repetitive tasks, even as simple as switching on and off, are made redundant through intelligent controls.

Just installing extravagant light fittings and fixtures is now grossly inadequate. Today’s needs demand that you pair them with intelligent lighting control.

It’s the smart way to control all lights in your home via your phone, tablet or dedicated keypads, day in and day out. You can set lighting for different times, different moods, various needs and evolving themes. You can schedule daily energy usage with a single touch from anywhere in your home conveniently, efficiently and stylishly. Your lights can integrate with your music, with curtains and blinds, and can be programmed to dim automatically based on ambient sunlight. These are some ideas we have – tell us what you want and let us build it for you.

Personalized lighting scenes (e.g., party, romantic, night) can be created to set the mood for any occasion. Lighting controls also contribute significantly to energy efficiency through simple methods of motion sensing ‘on/off’ or even a system that adjusts to the amount of sunlight available.

Mood Lighting Demo

Mood Lighting Demo


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