Home Security Solutions

From email and video alerts of visitors or trespassers, to panic buttons that enable a senior loved one at home to summon emergency help in the event of a medical crisis, fire or burglary, to state-of-the-art motion sensors that can alert you to the movements of an intruder, we offer a host of solutions that guarantee a sound night’s sleep.

The objective always, is tailoring security system to fit the uniqueness of every home, and not going over the top. Because life is indeed better when simplified.

We provide security solutions to give you complete peace of mind. IP cameras let you watch over your home from anywhere around the world. Sensors alert you to any movement or entry. Our systems let you program a “live-in” effect while you’re on vacation, automatically turning different lights on on different days, to make it seem like someone is in the house.

We setup & customize:

  1. CCTV Cameras
  2. Video Door Phones
  3. Gas Leak Detectors
  4. Fire Alarm
  5. Digital Door Locks


A control system can automatically lock and unlock windows, doors, and gates to ensure that the home is secure.

Control Panels provide total control of intruder security systems. Strategically placed CCTV cameras outside the house can relay visitors’ images to fixed points of access control.


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